About MedVIP

Hi! My name is Vip, and I have spent a few years educating premed students and others one-on-one as they prepare for the MCAT. It wasn't where I saw my life going, but I have emerged from that period of revisiting the fundaments of my scientific understanding with a gift and an opportunity to create what I have always wanted: an atoms-up repository of all my understanding to which I could refer med students when I taught them how to understand traumatic aortic dissection or the pathophysiology of a pneumothorax or whatever interesting aspect of the science behind clinical practice I saw a need to explain that day. I make videos because I think video lectures are the most efficient means of conceptual transfer, and can compete with in-person lectures in ensuring the motor response that guarantees long-term memory creation.

That motor response is the key to the learning process. Because "The Brain is not a Bucket" (Look for a video on this subject at channel launch). So many educators conform to a model of information dumping and delivery. Friends of mine have told me that in their pre-college education, there was an implicit social contract between the students and the teacher not to ask questions so that the class could "get through the material." Because of the school I went to during my formative years, I am glad to be able to slay this monster that blocks the path to deep learning for so many students. I see it in the hesitation to answer verbally-delivered questions (the precursor to high-tension interrogation of students and residents in the wards). I hear it in the confused statements about fundamental concepts that are not coming from them, but that they are repeating because they were never taught to speak clearly about these subjects. I see both students who struggled with the material the first time and those who aced their classes with ease gain a deeper understanding by adhering to a strict discipline: translate science into modern American English, and above all: Keep It Simple!

The channel, and this larger endeavor, is structured on three tiers, and videos will be released weekly on each:
- Med Students and Residents: Clinically-Applied Pathophysiology videos to "fill in the gaps" left by textbooks.
- Premeds: A complete video course on MCAT stuff, with its own long-term release schedule.
- Anyone with an interest in biomedical science: Technically, you could watch any video, but the "Random" content will be digestible by anyone with a college-level education or equal smarts. And if you don't know all you need to yet, follow along with the premeds and get a ridiculously expensive education for free! (for all you early subscribers, anyway)

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